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About No Laying Up

No Laying Up isn’t just about attacking a tucked pin or damning the odds and going for it when faced with a 260-yard carry over water. Nah, man. No Laying Up is a way of life. It’s marking up your living room ceiling while ingraining that new takeaway in the dead of winter. It’s recognizing, and celebrating, the colorful personalities in golf, especially those who make the suits at PGATour HQ cringe. It’s taking the restrictor plate off Life to give it juuuust a little more juice.

Our mission is to be purveyors of this lifestyle, particularly relating to all things golf. We take that mission (not ourselves) seriously. So whether we’re providing pithy analysis in a weekly preview, recommending our favorite tracks for your next golf trip, conducting investigative deep-dives on who’s YOTTOing, or just keeping the mood light as the drama builds on Sunday, we are committed to providing refreshingly alternative, well-informed takes on golf. We hope you’ll find some laughs, and perhaps even learn a thing or two along the way.

If you find NLU resonates with your golf game, if not your general worldview, we’d love to meet and hear from you. Please, feel free to leave us comments, feedback, ideas, and anything else you want to share. We aspire that this small corner of the internet becomes a sublime 19th hole where we can kick back, have a few pops to discuss this great game and talk a little junk amongst friends.

Welcome, you’re now on the tee, 

The Founding Foursome:

Soly – Inventor of #TourSauce, always waits for the green to clear, and club twirl savant.

Neil – An athlete with a club, not a golfer; forever chasing the elusive power fade, and yes, he’s been Shooter McGavin for Halloween.

Tron Carter – Invented driver off the deck but prides himself on the three-putt-par. ball-striking aficionado.

Big Randy – Perma-case of the yips inside 5 feet. Completely loses his swing at least once a year. No concept of what a good leave is. Harbors delusions of golf grandeur.