No Laying Up Hat Guide

With over 100 hats to choose from, there is bound to be one that fits your style (and head). Here is your breakdown of all the different hats in the Pro Shop to help you find your new favorite.

  • Low-profile

    1. Low-profile hats generally have a crown height that is less than 3 1/2" high and offer a tighter fit on the head with the least amount of room in the height of the hat. 

    2. If hats are generally too tall on you or the sides come down over your ears, low-profile hats may offer you a better fit.

    3. These hats tend to come in lighter fabrications with soft or no structure in the front panels so they can mold easily to your head.

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  • Mid-profile

    1. Mid-profile hats are great for almost everyone with a crown height of around 3 1/2". They fit more like a standard ball cap with some room in the height to stand up away from your head a bit.

    2. Great, classic look - not too high, not too low.

    3. Mid-profile hats tend to have more structure in the front panel to help support the higher crown.

    4. Available in a range of styles and fabrications from mesh back to rope hats to standard ball caps.

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  • High Profile

    1. High Profile hats have high crowns that measure 3 3/4" or greater - perfect for those with a lot of dome above the ears or who feel like low and mid profile hats sit too high up on their head above their ears and eyebrows.

    2. High Profile hats are always structured in the front to support all the height of the crown.

    3. Perfect for people who like to make a bold statement with their headwear.

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