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The Posture Pack
Foam Roller - The Posture Pack
2 Fit Loops - The Posture Pack
Red Resistance Band - The Posture Pack
Orange Resistance Bands - The Posture Pack
Door Stop - The Posture Pack

The Perfect Posture Pack

$ 69.99
In a joint collaboration with KSM Sports, an elite training and fitness company based in Columbus Ohio, No Laying Up is thrilled to offer The Perfect Posture Pack. The pack is designed to help the individuals who currently have pain or problems in the spine, neck or low back with the belief that every part of the body is influenced by spinal activity and alignment. The Perfect Posture Pack can greatly increase one’s overall health and fitness with a just few exercises and minimal equipment. The pack's portability and ease of use allows for the individual to perform the exercises while traveling, at work, and most importantly, on the golf course. 
The pack was designed with the golfer in mind, specifically the resistance bands and custom foam roller that all fit comfortably inside a standard golf bag to assist in proper warm-up and extended #RangeRick sessions. 
The Posture Pack includes: 
  • 1- The Perfect Posture Pack Ebook
  • 1 - 4" x12" Extra Firm Travel Size Roller (Black)
  • 1- 1/2" Power Resistance Band (Red)
  • 2- 1/4" Power Resistance Bands (Orange)
  • 1 - Fit- Loop Medium (Yellow)
  • 1 - Fit - Loop Heavy (Green)
  • 1- Doorstrap - Fit-tube (Black)
  • 1- Champion Drawstring Cinch Backpack Bag (Royal Blue)